Here is a list of our Charity Abseil FAQ’s

Can you fall if you let go of the rope?
No!! Most people think that if you let go of the rope you will fall to the ground, which is whay they haven’t ever put themselves forward to do an abseil. You control the speed that you abseil on one rope and an instructor will control a safety rope that is attached to you just in case you need an hand. No need to worry.
Insurance - what insurance do you have?
What areas do you cover?
Can we choose our own location/buildings? How would this work?
How much is a site visit?
How much is an abseil event?
What's included in the price?
Are there any group discounts?
You mentioned you get photo's with the event?
How big can the abseil be?
What will i need to bring with me?
What happens if the weather is bad?
How do i secure a date for our abseil event?
How do i pay?
Is there an age limit?

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Charity Abseil FAQ's