Abseil to raise money in 2015 ? If so a charity abseil could be just the thing. On the last few abseils that we have run as a company the charity that we have been working for has raised between £4000 and £10,000 per day!!

An abseil is a totally safe way of raising money, that people are more likely to donate too due to the challenging nature of the eventThe great thing with abseils is they can be run nearly any where that has a vertical edge – buildings, cliffs, dams, even cranes.

If you have a venue in mind we can help you get permission to run a charity abseil or abseil event with our comprehensive insurance, risk assessments, qualifications and experience that you can present to the site owners. After permission has been granted then we can even help you advertise the abseil in order to help fill the slots.

All of our abseil events have up to 50 participant places a day to abseil and can work out to be less than £15 per person, so even if someone turns up on the day and pays £20 for a go then you’re still making money for charity.

We give you all the participation forms, signs to be used around site on the day, all staff and even photos for you to give to participants and for you to help market your charity or business. So if your looking to raise some money and have a challenge at the same time, or your a business that wants to do something different - get in touch to book your 2015 abseil event.

If you book before December the 31st will give you 10% off our quoted price!! just quote “xmas10%” on email or phone enquires.